How to participate

We believe that everyone has within him or herself a huge potential to make good things happen and that a positive attitude can and should be stimulated by companies.  That is why we create corporate social engagement networks where the collaborators can have ideas and make them a reality through interaction.

Here at the PRPLE network, any person, organization or company participant can promote initiatives of social mobilization or participate in the existing actions. What moves us is the idea that each one can do a little for the causes in which he believes, and that together we can have a huge impact on our neighborhoods, our city or even the country as a whole.

And you, what moves you? What motivates you?


Volunteers are the centerpiece of the network: those who make things happen, who put their hands in the dough. Hence, here they are called Motivated. Being business collaborators or guests of an NGO, they can participate in the registered actions or even promote their own initiatives. If you would like to join PRPLE but your company is not yet a member of the network, please contact us.


This network is maintained by the member companies, which through a small monthly fee can offer their collaborators an environment full of opportunities for social mobilization, as well as partnering with NGOs or other companies. If the organization already promotes its own actions, it can use the tool to manage registrations and results of the activities. In addition, companies have an unique instance to the organization, where employees can exchange ideas and share documents.


The NGOs participating in this network can publicize volunteer opportunities, as well as publicize their work and partner with companies. They also have an organization page where your guests exchange ideas and share documents. To participate in this network, the institution has no cost, but must be indicated by a member company or pass through the evaluation of one of our partners. Contact us to learn more.